Saturday, November 20, 2010

Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit Error Fixes

* Solution for users (Mostly for Quad and Dual Core users), that got a crash to desktop
Start the game and open the Taskmanager. Set the affinity to only 2 cores. Yes, the game 'may' not work with quadcores, except you switch to 2 cores. Hope, EA will fix this. I found this solution in their board - all users with quadcores are having this problem too - either retail (uncracked) or not.

* Black Screen Fix
Run the game and then set affinity to 0 and 1 cpu's in Task Manager.
and Disable all background tasks!

* The game is in RUSSIAN
cmd> regedit> ctrl+f> type need for speed > change (locale) from "ru" to "en" without the " "

* Does the Game Crash/Freeze for you? Fails to Load?
To those with ATI Radeon cards: Try updating to catalyst 10.10e hotfix and to those whose audio drivers are written by Realtek, update to the latest version of their audio software (Try Googling an alternative to their TW homepage - slow DL speeds for me at least)

Usually the main cause of the crack not working (i.e. crashes to desktop, program fails to load) is due to an AV/Anti-Spyware type program's (i.e. AVG, Norton, NOD32) "REALTIME MONITORING" feature.

(In AVG this feature is labelled "Resident Shield")

DISABLE the real-time protection feature when installing the game and/or crack. (If you do re-enable the real-time protection feature at some point down the road, if you happen to run a full scan it will then detect that crack as a virus again and remove it -- personal experience for this game)

Well, that's what I had to do to get this game running Smile

(P.S Make sure you have the latest DirectX, .Net Framework, the basics etc)

* When i run the game it says "Connecting to Autolog" yet nothing happens. only black screen with this rotating icon.
• Disconnect From Internet
• Try disabling your Antivirus/Firewall
• Launch the game with administrator rights and with Windows Vista ( Service Pack 1 ) compatibility. I had the same problem and now it works well.
• Add NFS11.exe to your firewall exceptions!

* Reloaded Activator is a "Heuristic Win32 Trojan .. F*CK!"
• Buy The Game!

* Game Lags like hell!
• If you get passed minimum system Requirements! Run game in Normal Graphics, If still do; disable all un-wanted Graphic options! (like changing Resolution to dekstop native resolution/ Disabling shadows)

* Where the f*ck is AA option in NFS?? O_o
• You don't have one, Change AA settings from your video card's control panel

* Can I play online with my Reloaded Crack?
• No, U can't still. Again Buy the Game!

* "Need for Speed exe has stopped working:" Error!
• This gets on Vista and 7! Run game in comparability mode!

*How to run Hot persuit in Windowed mode?
Open config file (Browse to c:\Documents And Settings\\My Documents\Criterion Games\Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit\ and Open the config.NFS11Save file with a text editor.)
Browse to [Display] Section
eet fullscreen=flase. Save and close file. Now Run Game!

* I changed my resolution in game. Now I can't see anything. It's all black. How can I cahnge back to previous resolution in NFS Hot Pursuit

Open the config.NFS11Save file as stated earlier.
Browse to the [Display] section.
Alter width and height properties to fit your desired resolution. For example, values for 800x600 resolution would be : Width=800
Save and close the file.
Run the game.
Note that adding a resolution unsupported by your video card/monitor would cause black screen issues when trying to launch the game.

*How to change language? My game runs in Russian! :(
Run Registery Editor. (Type regedit in start menue. Or Run Programme.)
Locate the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit\1.0 (on 64-bit systems)
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit\1.0 (on 32-bit systems)
Change the Language key value to ‘English’ and Locale key value to ‘en_US’.
It may be possible to switch to other languages/locales if you are using a MULTILANGUAGE release. However, I personally have not tried it.

Written by Dark Nite!
If you wanna ask me something PM me via followers! Others ask ken!


  1. where is the track time records saved ?

  2. It's normally in your "My Documents"

  3. where exactlly ? which file ?

  4. Kenji is wrong here.
    Saves are in c:\Documents And Settings\(username)\My Documents\Criterion Games\Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit\
    which is mentioned in the fixes?! Inside that folder there is only one file! In it all things regarding NFS HP is in!

  5. i still have black screen ....

  6. @ MekS,
    More info? Like OS/Game Version/Edition/ etc??

  7. There is no problem except for my gamepad. When I try to use it with my gamepad(rumble pad) the game throw me out and a message is shown "nfs hot pursuit has stop working." I try patch 2 and patch 5 but the problem still goes on. What should I do to fix this problem? I had used this gamepad in this game before but now I reinstalled the game and now problem has occured.

  8. Try "run as admin"
    If it worked fine before something on your PC must have updated or upgraded now. If the game pad is old like year1-2, it may be not recognize by the game or by it updates, so trying to fix it crashes. So if have, update drivers for gamepad, but usually I know there aren't any. Try updating Dx and VGA drivers too.. As I said if it worked before, means something is up now, try to figuire it and fix it. May work the game.

  9. + Added.
    When u update..
    Use patch one, then 2..3..4..5. Never use 2 and the 5 like so, since 5 is for updated game by patch 4, if your game doesn't have patch 4 it will screw everything.

  10. hi
    i am running windows 7 32bit.core i5 4gb ram. and i installed nfs hot pursuit.. the problem is that when i start the race the graphics are all black and i cant see anything but the car runs fine and the cars model and textures are all good... any solutions for this? i tried the set affinity to 1.. it didnt work... so anyone a little help here please.. mail it to me on

    1. Hi LtHawkeye
      Pls check ROY's comment.

  11. Your system seems fine. What about your GPU? No mention about it? From what you say, it looks like your GPU, not supporting the game.
    Since your comment has posted your e mail address, note that others can see it now.

  12. To fix the problem (the graphics are all black and i cant see anything but the car runs fine and the cars model and textures are all good) follow this:

    downloaded the latest drivers from Intel's site
    and the problems will be solved! Now the game runs on max settings (though a little bit slow)!

    So, my advice to you:

    1) Download the latest drivers for your integrated Intel video card (the drivers on Intel site are as of October 23, 2010)
    2) Turn off "blur effect" in NFS graphic options
    3) Set other graphic settings by "trial and error" to get the game running fast
    4) Enjoy it :)

    Tell me if it works

  13. when i open the game i get a black screen with a loading white line in the down right corner and nothing happen then i got win 7 and i ran as admin i closed AVG and the firewall still nothing i even tried the task manger thing and it didn't work if u got a solution tell me it please

    1. Pls note one comment is enough.
      I Assume you tried the 1st fix, try ROY's fix in the comments. If still not working, what release you have?

    2. if u can't get to options, locate config.NFS11Save file and edit it.

    3. umm i have the latest driver and i can't get to the options to get the blur effect off and how can i set the graphic settings by trial error?

      BTW i ran as admin and i turrned off my AVG and firewall and still nothing

    4. None of us is playing this game anymore, the post was made when we played it. Try doing as Riddler says, But I can't tell you what may be the options to change since I can't re install the game just to check that, you will have to check it yourself. And what release you have, this doesn't looks like a full release, guessing a repack/ripped?

  14. i have tried every thing to solve the problem but i cant install nfs hot pursuit, whenever i tried to install after some time it gave an error like this:c:\program files\seacrest\trr_unit12e3_gr.bndl . verify that the file exists and you can access it.
    .i have activated with code

    computer specifications

    intel core 2 duo CPU e7500 @ 2.93 GHz
    ram 2 GB

    32 bit operating system

    windows 7 ultimate

    nvidia GE force gt 620 2gb ddr3 memory
    direct x 11 pixel shader model 5.0
    please help

  15. If you have activated your game, better if you contact Origin. Manual changes may easily ban your account due to EA policy.
    Ps. Turn off all protection in your pc, then try. If still no, contact support since you bought the game. They are bound to support you.

  16. Hi all, have tried changing Locale and language setttings to go from Russian to English. Now just hangs at first loading screen "black with little animation in bottom right" any ideas?

    1. Sorry we no longer play this game. But someone might help you.

  17. greting from indonesia,

    thank you very much for your guide for language changing.
    at last i could play nfs hot pursuit in english. :)
    keep on doing those good jobs.

    best regards,

  18. i have problem i realy want to play this game but i run it and stops on loading it's loading long time and won't start please help

  19. hello, i have problem with my NFS Hot Pursuit, the problem is the grapich ... is anyone know how to fix the problem ???? pleasee ...

    1. We do not play this game anymore, but someone might reply to you.


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