Help On Backyard!!

First of All!!
We will COMPLETELY IGNORE idiotic responses as "where's the download link?" Where's the password??" "I'm a follower why can't I download the file?" as such questions! They have been repeated and has been already opened a separate pages to help those situations. If you can't look in to those for one minute. I guess we can't spend a minute answering those as well. There is no kenji here any more to cuddle you idiots. So keep remember that this is run bun a new administration and we shall not be tolerated with your idiocy or retardation. Unlike before (response to all) we shall now decide who gets a reply or simply get banned (which is much easy). Thank you. Now if you don't like what i say, go fuck yourself :D


How to get Download links??
Link is always provided under Links in all posts. They are NOT hyper-linked. So copy them and paste it to your browser and load page. This will re-direct you to a linkbee web page. In it, top rite corner of your browser, you will see, SKIP ADD! Click it to get to Download page! In file, go bottom of the page, and click on "Request a Download Link" button! After auto-load page will give you a direct link to Download our content!
No registration or waiting time required to do this!
More explained picture guidance is available here!

Mediafire Link problem and Invalid web page direction??
For more info on this,

See here!

WHY! Some links says NA for more than days???
Due to a clone site, we are postponing the actual link purposely. In that way we can delay the clone site owner from stealing our hard work of research and our link! Sorry for that! But it is necessary!

Crack Not Working?
it's a crack so don't expect a support on this, if it's not working for you. And it is the same version as your game.. blah blah..move on! We only make it work on our pcs, and post the step we followed. We can't predict or use a crystal ball to figuire out where you did wrong. So it it's not working MOVE ON!

Surveys and Sacm links!
There IS THREE 3 rd party link protections we use for all our links!. However they DO NOT need to complete a 'survey' to get to download links. Just press 'SKIP' to proceed until the download links. However LOCKER LINKS are content that ARE NOT AVAILABLE for general viewers, therefore ONLY THEY WILL REQUIRE some much of a simple survey to complete in order to pass to next page. ONLY LOCKER LINKS will have that!

Deleted/Expired Links!!
We have a large back up of most files! We can re-upload them if someone inform us about dead links! We can't always check our links all the time! So your feed back is necessary to us!! :)

Multi Player Help!! (More Instructions/ guides/ Tunngle / Hemachi / VPN etc.)
You need to understand at least a 'bit' about Multi player on cracked games. After the new Google User guidelines we will not post direct instructions on those issues. What we give will be the last we will give! Don't expect us to be your light in the darkness, we just supply the batteries, the flashlight and walk in the dark is your own move. And please don't ask idiot questions like "what is VPN/ Tunngle/ Hemachi?" Use Google you dumb thumb!

Help and Support!
Followers can directly contact us in any form of assistance! Others also can, by making comments ONLY! Keep in mind that, we are testers ONLY! Not Developers!! We are gamers just like you, only difference is that we are like (or mad enough to)to test the garbage on net in our PC's!!

If  you having trouble with a release, Inform us describing the crash/Your Windows OS/Game Version and Release!
We will try our best to fix it! :)

Where are the 'Passwords' to extract files or 'locker links'??
Passwords are usually given under every link! Open your eyes and read the post carefully! Posts which doesn't include passwords will be mentioned as well. They won't request for passwords!
Stupid/retarded "where's the password" questions without reading the post, will be completely ignored!

Old posts!!
Old posts which are over one year might probably have dead links or some thing we no longer support of such as racked multiplayer tutorials. These posts will not be revived unless we want to. Dead links can be re posted if they were posted within a year of the post, if it's over 1 year then most likely we will let it die. We cannot check all the links for their validation so we will require feedback in order to report them as dead posts or revive the post.

+ Benefit for Asians
Of coz, it's all about brotherhood. Special support for Indians/Sri Lankans! :D Need any crack! Request your requests will be answered before 24 hours! Also feel free to contact us with local language (Hindhi/Sinhala/Tamil/English ONLY)! and We host Multi Player games as well! Contact us to find ways to play your favorite game with us!

Already a follower but didn't recieve your request??
If you are a follower and we are being late for your request, it may be due to some reasons; Here are some major reasons why may not,
1. Your follower ID is not recognized by us!
2. You need to ask what you need properly in a way we can understand it!
3. You not clear on problem,in other words -  less info not good!
4. Mistaking your Google ID for your back yard ID! It's a common mistake viewers do!.We need your backyard ID not your google ID!
5.Asking for pirated releases (game/software full links) we don't do! We support games as well as thier companies! We will never Post a full pirated DL link for a game/Software related to a game!
Do visit back the page, If we have some problem regarding your request it will be posted in a comment!

I'm a follower but haven't received my file
Make sure you have entered a valid / Working e mail in the first place when you joined. Beacuse to that e mail we are sending the files. This system cannot mess up once we ID a person and manually accepting him or she to sent the file. SO after 1st of June 2012, followers who claim they haven't received files even after the 2nd attempt will be discarded. They can request the file for another e mail address (other than follow) in the 2nd attempt. But the PASSWORD which need to unlock the file will be sent to the follower e mail.

Link only for followers!
This featured links are only available for our followers! They are exclusive content, it may be a save file or a hi-rated crack or a patch! When no one else has it, we have it! So it is worthwhile to become a follower on our site! Some files are limited (may expire after some time/downloads and will never be re uploaded- Assassins Creeed 2 Full game save files etc.)and some files are ristricted for some time (CoD BO save files etc. which will later become available after we had enough of it! and Some files are never (Norton Anti Virus Resetter etc.)be posted! They are Hi Exclusive files which are not availbale on net! These files are sent within 24-48 hrs after a request, and NO you won't see a link just because you became a follower.

Premium Content files
Premium content files can ONLY be accessed by crew only. By crew we mean people who has been active for past 3 months or people who has been joined as the crew more than 6 months ago. New employees or followers will not have any access to these files! These files may remain as this as long as the poster/ writer decides to unlock for everyone or else!

Link Locker files
After 1st, August 2012; backyard gave full access to all viewers even for premium content files. However this will take much time and a process of completing surveys to do in order to get the download links. Being a follower or an employee at Backyard will skip that and will give links to download directly. This link locker option is only for premium content files.

Other Un-available links
If the file is no longer hosted, we will try our best to re-up a link! If not it will be unavailable until we officially announced it dead!
Also note that, Some Newer posts which don't have links, may take some time. Due to some traffic sharing problems with our accounts!

Be On backyard!
Follow us or Get our feeds or Tweet us! Easy as it sounds! Get the updates to your doorstep just like that!