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Lately more new users seems to approach our site. That's not a bad thing of course. But actually, some seem to be bit retard or actually stupid. We really don't know what their problem is, and of course we don't care.

So on, we decided to take some action against, spamming on comments.

WARNING : All comments should be in ENGLISH/SINAHALA/TAMIL or HINDHI languages! English is much better! Comments in other languages will be discarded and deleted!

1. We no longer support for Normal viewers due to some events, Comments are only open for Registered users!

2. If something belong to you or having trouble of a release that we guaranteed* working, do comment. If sending a mail, Make the subject ONLY as BACK YARD SITE FEED, otherwise all mail will be rejected. For those who claim their work or copyrighted material, please check here! Any other mails regarding back yard, should be sent with the subject, BACK YARD MAIL only! All other mails will also be rejected!
* Yup , look closely whether we tested it for working or for viruses!

3. For new users (who Google's, and drop in from sky), the purpose of the back yard is to support Southern Asian gamers.Not ALL! However that doesn't mean we kick others or ignore them.

4. Comments which uses inappropriate wordings, will be completely removed. Only the reply will be posted. We don't call viewers, assholes or motherfuckers rite? So we expect the same from you!

5. Posts which has links older than 2 years might not be re-uploaded! However if you give a feedback on a dead link, if we have it, we will re-upload it.

6. If you don't like what we offer, get the hell out! No need to bluff about it!.. We are not making phishing links in here, we are not making your bloody HF/RS account hacks from our downloads! We do not ask for donations!! We spend our money, time and our legit HF/RS accounts to find working shit!! We could walk away once we found working cracks and patches on net like the rest of noobs! But we are NOT like the rest! We are here to share everything that we feel ok to be shared!! The only thing we are doing to trouble our viewers is using 3rd party links system. And we are using ifile.com system which is free to all.. And we download shit from RS/ HF and upload them back to a free server! Those who crying about that should think about that!

7. A reply may take some time (less than 48 hrs), We have jobs or studies and girl friends to attend to. (:P) But we will reply!! ;) .. So come back often! :)

8. Finally all comments will be moderated by the 3 admins. Comments will not be viewed when you post it, it will await for approval.The admins holds the right to post or reject your comments. Third party links or user recommended links in comments, will be removed or rejected. Only Admins or crew of backyard can post links in comments.

9. Do not repeat the same question that has been answered before in a comment or post itself! So read comments on the page before you type your problem, it probably previously asked one.

10. Do not post same comment just because you don't see it get posted. As we described in section 8, comment will await for approval. So don't repeat the same comment!

IMPORTANT - If the crack/ Patch is NOT working for you and if you need help; We will require more info than "It's not Working". Be a noob, we get that; but don't be an idiot. Say more info on your release/version/ your system info etc. If don't give these info we can't predict that stuff, since we are not those broom riding freaks at Hogwarts! Give us your information and the state of not working in a description manner. Otherwise comments just saying plain (idiotic) not workings will be ignored and discard

Send your suggestions and complains here!

(all comments for this post is restricted)

Thanks for reading.

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