Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A New Life

Mission 4

This is one of the easiest missions in the game. So you start the game in a quite neighborhood. Make your way to the target's house. There will be a catering service guy carrying some food. Don't get caught, sneak around to the back of the van. There will be some food in the back, inject the donuts poison or seductive. Now take it and go the the van on the opposite side of the road. Open the door. A guard in side will suspects you, and will tell you to give him the donuts. Well, do what he asks for. Within seconds agents will die or knock out side. Get in to the van. (make sure to always close the door of the van, otherwise the neighbors will see what you have done). So now that your in. Do all, Get the FBI suite/ Steal Video tape/ Call the target (to verify where he is/which is not that much of a matter).

So once you got those get out of the van and head for the opposite house of your targets. There will be a locked door inside the garage. Lock pick it. There will be some tranquilizes. Get it. Now run for the garbage truck parked near house. (where you'll see a gardening woman and a tree house). Get to the tree house, (there will be an air rifle) arm the rifle with the tranquilizes and shoot the dog at your targets house. You will get some attention doing this, but make sure to go down and hide around for sometime.

Now walk in from the front door. (you are FBI special agent. that's the privilege).

First let's take out the woman,
follow her, she goes like this..
out side pool -> barb-a-que -> out side pool -> inside house -> inside pool -> thermal bath -> inner house-up stairs -> room -> back to out side pool

Get to know her.. ;) ..well the best place to get her is between inside pool to thermal bath area. But be warned there is a guard walk by. Make sure he's not around when you sedated her. If your sedating her, do it from back otherwise it will count a witness. Once you killed/sedate her get the necklace and drag her to the thermal room. close the door. Don't worry she's the only one goes there. No body suspects a thing.

Now go out side to the pool area. Go opposite side of the house. You'll see a pipe line which goes near a opened window. Climb up, go in. There is a duck on the ground, which will trigger when you get in. Which will automatically lure a guard to the room. Kill him/ or let him be. Now walk to the other room on the same side of you already in. There will be a computer and a wall to hide in this room. Now wait for sometime until your target gets in. Once he's in let him work with his PC. Now sneak back and execute. Now drag his body back where you were hidden in the room. Now get out as soon as possible. Avoid guards as you can. Taking out the dog in the first place comes handy now.

Go back to the van get your suit and head for the exit now. No witness, no camera probebly you'll get professional or hitman rating for this. :)

Hitman Blood Money

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All links may change at anytime. Please let us know if the links are dead, or false.Last date of links checked is 29th July 2009.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Mission 03

This mission requires patience, and cunnigness. This time you'll have to get into a rehab clinic, get into the solitary confinement bit, then poison a guy to make him appear dead. This will mean the resident staff will move him into the morgue which is handily by the escape door. I can then resurrect him and escape. To complicate matters though this guy had a picture with him of a guest who he was meant to kill, but now I have to.

Hitman: boo!

When I get into the level I am by the front gate. There are 3 guard here on a rotation. Screw them, they mean nothing. Just walk up hill where a guy smokes a cigarette. Near on a bench there would be an admission. Sneak it out. And head for the reception. Sign In. Now let the guard check you. and head straight where there's a globe in middle of the room.

Hitman: lol, pink dressing gown

Without anyone seeing, open the globe.Inside it. There should be a bottle. Inject poison. Trust me. Then get out. Head to the main area (doctor's channeling & kitchen). To the right there are two doors.If you open them one is a steps and the other is a security room with a guard. Do not let the thug sees when you enter the security room. Now sneak behind the security guard and inject in sedative. There are no guards at outside. So just make sure you dragged him from this room to the left handed open area. Suite as a security officer now. At this time. You must kill your target already, cause of the poison booze. Now, you are still in area of the security room. There's a recorder, a key card for medical wing. But not so fast, go outside again. look around. There is a electric switch box and a water pipe which you can climb. Climb up to the second floor. Go to the first room you meet. There should be something cooking on a gas oven. Make sure there is no one around, quickly get into the room and sabotage the gas. Get back down the same way you came. Now within minutes a bang will end your second target. Even before you knew it. :)

Hitman: whats this do?

Now get to the solitary (medical wing). To rescue your pal. And don't forget there is still one target remains. Once you get into this medical wing. You will learn that you will need a special uniform (white) to be in this area. So sneak into solitary ‘reception’ and keep an eye out for an orderly uniform which will give me clearance. I spot two but they are currently being worn and are in a different room. I try to lure one of the uniforms out by switching off a light but they don’t care. So wait few seconds, one of the guards will walkaway from the room. now sneak inside and sedate the guard take his clothes, and put the guy inside the container. There is some keys on the desk, seek them out. Now you are in the main part.

Hitman: look! over there!

Head down to the ‘cells’ to find my guy. This isn’t a problem.Talk to him, take the picture of your target and pretend kill him. As he audibly flat lines 47 inexplicably ring HQ to tell them about the current situation, then get into a fairly long conversation about there being two targets of opportunity in the clinic. But don't worry, you have already assassinated one of them. As soon as you leave the area, a cutscene will show your buddy heads for the morgue.

Hitman: having a bath? URE DOIN IT RONG!

Back to the clinic, go to gym. Identify the guy in the gym (actually he's the only one in the gym)now go out side form the gym.Walk around to the pond, where 4 statues of little children pees to water. In the 3rd one from where you came, the main gate sided upper one, there will be another bottle. Use your last drop of poison to this bottle. Now get your suite from the reception area. Now get to the morgue. Within minutes there will be a cut scene of you final target.

Hitman: I didnt do it

Inside the morgue (sometimes)there should be an orderly.DO not raise the dead without arousing suspicion. The guy turns around, but he walks off. Balls. See, Just wait for the right moment.He’s nipping outside so you have to wait. So resurrect the guy and escape. Quality.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Curtains Down

Mission 02

With mission 1 done and dusted it was only logical (and a fundamental requirement) to move on to mission. 2. It’s a fairly easy mission to get on with and because it’s one I have struggled with in the past I pretty much know the best way to do it. Anyway.

I’m tasked with taking out an opera singer and his boss while they are rehearsing. The theater they are in is being renovated which means there are plenty of workers about. A gun has been placed for me in a jacket which is being held by reception. The gun is a working version of a prop gun used in the production which is handily fired at the singer as part of the performance.

First If you played hitman before, u dnt need any weapons to buy for this mission. Just the fiber wire and the bomb, will do the trick.

Starting in the lobby of the theater hang around near the public toilets, naturally. A guard comes out and best not to look suspicious. The last thing you want is to be questioned about why you are hanging around the gents. Eventually a maintenance guy turns up and enters. As he is taking a piddle put him to sleep with some sedative via a needle, steal his clothes then throw him into a conveniently placed container. He’s going to have bathroom issues for the rest of his life – poor guy.

Now you are disguised as a worker and should have full access to the innards of the theater. Indeed go inside of the worker's area (you can see a guy working on a open door in floor one) and start heading downwards.While you do have time. Go straight and you will find open area with a guy working with a nail driller. In here u will find a cage which 47 can climb climb up. You will pop up in back stage.You can see the rehearsals going on above with the singer acting out his execution scene. What is up here that is of importance is some big heavy lighting precariously hanging over the stage. So you have two choices 1. is to plant the bomb back of the stage and 2. is to plant the bomb on the lightings . If you chose the 2nd you'll have to go back and all the way up to 3 floor, do whatever you want. But make sure in signal area of the detonator:) The Bomb isn’t for our un-aware singer though, no. I know exactly how this little play is going to unfold so I bide my time.

Go back down where u came up (down steel cage) Go pass the guy, you'll find a mini stairwell, go down. The you'll find some doors, go through them. Find the dressing rooms of the actors. And remember always use the service exits, otherwise you'll become suspicious. Next head back to the changing rooms and sneak into the ‘executioners’ room (wait, till the bodyguard goes for a piss: the room of the executioner is the room to the right when you stand in front of the rooms) . He has some notes on a table which you steal then hide in his cupboard and wait. With their scene over a bell rings and the actors go to their designated rooms including the executioner for whom you wait. He places his prop gun on his table, dicks around for a bit then notices his notes are missing so promptly leaves the room to look for them.

Out of the cupboard pop and switch the real gun for the prop one. What happens next is of course the obvious. The executioner accidentally executes your first target for you. :) After a short commotion the boss (target 2) runs over onto the stage and greaves his lost actor. At this point sneak back to the place with steel cage. In this place you can detonate the bomb. BOOM!

All targets done. Now you again have two choices to make.

Choice A will be RUN like Hell to the exit and choice B will be sedatete another take his clothes and go out like nothing happened, but do this quick or you'll get caught.

Sop at the end No shots fired, 3 accidental deaths (minimum), perfect hit. So yeah, u Mission 3 awaits though and I’m sure it’s a bit trickier.