Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Play Call Of Duty : Black Ops Multi Player On None Steam

Warning! : Use at your own risk! This could banned your steam account! Never use a legit account to test this! If you get caught you will be responsible for illegal use of the software, and violation of Activision agreement! We are posting this for legit users to play online if they cannot connect to MP servers due to being busy or not responding!
There is currently no way to spawn bots after deaths (Some times bots may not appear at all), but update will coming soon! This mod/hack, can let you play in multiplayer mod alone!! We will be updating as the original testers will get soon post how to connect with other players!!

1. Download this:

No Pass
(Note: Two separate RAR files inside this main RAR)

2. How to install:

1. Install Steam (if you not)
2. create a folder in Steam directory called "Steamapps"
3. create a folder in steamapps directory called "Common"
4. create a folder in common called "Call of Duty Black Ops"
5. Copy your installed 'Black Ops' Game Files into, above Call of Duty Black Ops" folder
6. Copy the data from "GreenLuma-1.4Steam006.rar" to steam folder
7. Copy all files from "Steamapps.rar" into your steamapps folder
8. Start steam with clicking on GreenLuma.exe
9. Click on Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer on steam
10. Type ingame in console (`) /map MAPNAME
(instead of MAPNAME, the name of your favourite map )
11. Play the game!!

PS: You need to install Skidrow Update 1

3. How to change the in game name:

Go to "Call of Duty Black Ops" folder, than in players-folder, open config_mp.cfg, press Ctrl + F for search, type in "seta name" without the "" and change the name!

4.How to change map via console (`):

Press the Console key on your keyboard, and type in "/map MAPNAME", without the "".
For example : /map mp_cracked

Here are all maps you can chose:


5. How to add Bots :

Go in Call of Duty Black Ops folder,Then into players-folder!

Download this file:
No Pass

Copy & paste, and replace your old config_mp.cfg, if you changed your name earlier, do it again in this file!
Go ingame, type in console your map like I've written here (above) again, before you choose a team, press '/' and after this 'o', without the ''. Now the bots will appear!! (May Work or May Not)

Video Proof


Well, That's that!
So as first, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
This is for legit gamers who cannot connect to Multi Player Only! But still altering STEAM may get your account banned!!!
By doing this you will be able to connect to a game and play alone against AI enemies with or without your allied bots!
We will soon post "How to Join a game"!

backyard- We don't test this yet currently, None Of us is playing this game! Im playing Spiderman Web of Shadows, Ken is playing Lost Planet 2 etc. So give us some time to check this out. Or check yourself, and let us know. Feedbacks are appreciated!!


  1. thank you very much !!!!

  2. You are welcome in behalf of nite!
    But do be advised, your account may get banned and currently MP mode is played alone! Other players cannot Join your game! Which will be fixed soon!So for the moment you will have to play with allied bots!

  3. is it correct killstreaks don't work and you can't get lvl up?

    and the bots work perfect here :D

  4. bots work perfect!!

  5. Thank you both for your feed back! :)
    No..No level Up yet! This will be fixed in the update!

  6. Hey, ive tried everything u said there, but when i start greenluma and log in to steam, it asks to install black ops multiplayer, shall i install?

    i also tried to go online with bots, i went online, but without bots.. weird..

  7. The Steam sks you to install Black Ops Mp because STEAM hasn't detected it. I haven't mentioned that. It's comman sense pal. :D YOU DO NEED TO MANUALLY SET BLACK OPS THROUGH STEAM! Otherwise STEAM won't launch a game that doesn't excist in it's memory!
    And about bots, I do say there IS still a problem with them, Don't worry will be fixed and tested as soon as we get done with 007!

  8. please help me . everytime i click play it says "Steam Is too busy etc..."

  9. If you have a legit game, and didn't use crack -> Then you need to try again later, You may understand how much CoD BO server is being busy these days.
    If you have the legit game and used a cracked-> Again try later and make sure STEAM auto update is turned OFF!

  10. IT says the game is currently unavailable, wat now??

  11. You have two options
    1. Try again later (BO servers are REALLY busy these days, no need to mention that rite :D)
    2. Use 'easy to use' Steam none-required MP patch

  12. hey may i ask u to find a way to Iranians to play online with steam too??
    we play with cracks as you know but when we open the steam it blocks all of the games we have in pc so we can't play and i'm crazy about playing online i love it!!!

    1. Hi,
      We no longer supports pirated multi player. If you seek assistance on it I recommend try to look at certain release group based websites.


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