Idiot's Guide to Download Links and Passwords

Hi welcome to DK's "Idiot's Guide to download files and where the passwords guide"

First let's see why you are here,
A. I can't see! I can't see the link OMG! I can't see the link you fuckers! Spam site!
B. I clicked the link over and over nothing happens...Hmmm weird! O.o
C. It directs me to a advertise site, you fuckers! It's a scam! A fucking registration is needed to download the file?? WTF!!
D. Ahhh..Im too dumb to understand internet usage..I only know porn sites and free games! yeeeahh baby!

That was the scenarios we have seen thus far, Don't be surprised these were actual comments made by you people! Yes, look how much intelligent people have became last few years, no wonder Bill Gates will become much richer and the certain death of free open source. Yah, now, probably you will start Googling about open source and WTF is that, well at least you got a brain to do so.

Well here's the known issues for above problems!

A. If you were directed by another site, yes you probably won't even read our post. Even people get directly to our post 70% are lazy to read, Instead of reading we get atleast 5 e mails or comments asking "What is the password or Where's the download link to this post?". You ask this not because you don't understand (We are Asians, if people doesn't know English that should be us. Coz we are the fucking Asians here) You ask that simply because you damn lazy to read the post!
B. No hyperlinks unless it is necessary in Backyard! You need to copy paste link address to your browser to open download page!
C. We litarary can't upload or save links for same files every month rite? Every once in a while there is a bastard who reports the file to be deleted. Unless they are protected by a third party link protection site. And plus this is a none profit site, which holds a large number of members and traffic everyday, we need some pay for our efforts. Don't like this? Be our guest, Get the fuck out! :D
D. That's your problem, well to help you and other idiots this guide was made!

Index of Content -
Mediafire Link Problem
How to Download?
Other Links:
                      Files for Backyard Followers OR Crew
                      File no longer available
Posts that needed to be clicked to view
Ifile Survey problems? / 2 Links for a one post?
What is "Link List"?



Mediafire may or has banned access from some specific countries and Ip's. If you have been banned, you won't be able to download our releases from mediafire. You will get a message saying "link unavailable" or "Requested file is no longer hosted on mediafire", if you get those your only option will be to search somewhere else. We are currently re uploading files to different servers, but that will take months to compete.
Above part will be posted in bottom left corner of the post! If the yellow colored "Links fixed" is in the post, that means it has been re uploaded to a different host which is working.

Also note that,
The files before May 2011 is hosted on Rapidshare/Ifile, So they are safe from this issue. You can download them without any problem.
All posts after March 4, 2012 will be fixed as well, therefor even though we haven't put "Links fixed" tagg the links will be fixed and working!


A. Go to your post! READ IT!!
B. Locate the part called "LINK", RIGHT click and select Copy or (In chrome) Go to http:\\
If copied, Paste it to browser's address bar and Press Enter or execute the web page!

C. Now you will direct to a linkbucks site (A 3rd party link protection page)
Wait till the timer expires (The red circled area on Right side top corner of your web page)

D. Once it expired, it will become "SKIP THIS ADD" (look at red circled area again) Click it now! (Make sure you waited the time though!!

E. Once you click "SKIP THIS ADD" You will direct to a file sharing site (Mediafire etc.) And Download as usual. Look at the EXAMPLE given beneath!


Make sure you download our files from our site, and not directed by another site just because they haven't copy pasted the password we used!

A. Go to your post! READ IT!! Pass'fucking'words are ALWAYS GIVEN under 'PASS'!!!

B. If you see the Link already (If you are not blind that is) You should see another thing called "PASS" underneath the given link! That is the password! (see the red circled area) These passwords are never wrong or never mistyped  by us, so make sure you apply them as seen here when you unpack!!

C. And Passwords which are given in the post are NEVER WRONG, since we test them before posting! Make sure you NOT lazy enough to copy paste it from the web page. Copy pasting oftenly creates a space after the word. So it is not recommended unless you wanna cry "Password is wrong". So TYPE IT, for god sake!

D. Some posts does not require Passwords, if so that will be mentioned! (see the circled area)


Some files are not available to download for all users! For security / delays or whatever the reasons might be these files may locked/ restricted or NA (not available) as long as the poster (writer) decides it should be.

There are majorly 2 kinds of nonavailability on Backyard,
1. NA
2. Files for Backyard Followers OR Crew
3. File no longer available

A. -NA-

This is very common in Backyard. As I said before this may due to any reason as the writer decides. But this also means another thing, which is that it will be fixed in near time. The nonavailability is not forever. So if you are looking for a file that is -NA- at the moment, remember to check later.

B. Files for Backyard Followers OR Crew

These files are restricted to random viewers. These files required a certain privilege level to acces. Either become a follower (to access follower ONLY files) or you need to become a backyard crew to access CREW ONLY files.
For more infomation on HOW TO BECOME FOLLOWERS can be found here!
For more infomation on HOW TO BECOME A WRITER* can be found here!!

* - Writers/Moderators will have to agree a certain agreement before joining. 

B. File no longer available
Posts which says "File no longer available" means literary it is unavailable forever! Backyard DOES NOT delete posts just because the file is no longer hosted, since it may be replace by another writer's file in future. There for the post may remain but the file may not.


Click the  "Read More" part which you can see on the left hand side bottom of the post to view full content of the post. These posts may hide vital information/links or passwords. You may have to click on  "Read More" them to view. (The part is shown on above pic) And don't worry this will only redirect you to the original / full post.


Ifile is very good download/host provider for Southern Asians. Since we have no issues on particpating on surveys or what-so-ever. But lately we have had complains from viewers saying it redirect to some scam (Which obiviously we haven't seen unless we change our IP's or change countries) So despite of what they say we ignored most, but beneath we did listen to some of them.

So after JUNE 01st, 2012 and so on links on backyard will post on IFILE and HOTFILE as well.
So as above pic, you will see two links from that day onward. So make sure you download one of the given links (Posts contain with OR , means either downloading one of the links will be enough) which suited to you the most.


Link lists, generally means it will give you a list of download links to a DLC or a patch or whatever you searched for. The links may contain in a RAR (Prior to JUNE 01st, 2012) as a READ ME.txt file OR may redirect you to another site ( page which will show the link list (After JUNE 01st, 2012) as below shown.

After August 1, 2012 we will post "Link Locker Links" for selected/chosen restricted files. This can be accessed by anyone and no need to be an employee or a follower to get a file which was previously unavailable for all! You can go to "Link Locker"s link and get the download link for yourself. However it will take much time and will require to complete a survey to get to download links. Also you have understand this locker links may not appear due to technical difficulties or may not compatible/eligible for all countries. There for, we would recommend to wait or become a follower or do whatever the author request to do.
Information on privacy and legal stuff regarding "Locker Link" check here!

So that's pretty much all of it to a Complete Idiots Guide to Download and Passwords Problems in Backyard!
If you still can't figure this out, sell our pc to an old junkyard and start caring herd of cows or sheep.