Idiot's Guide to How to get to Download Link!

NOTE - FOR PROTECT OUR LINKS, As of now(1st December 2012) We are using 3 link protection systems. Users may now have to skip 3 pages in order to get to download links. We apologize for the trouble, but inorder to protect the links from other link thieves and getting the links deleted, it is a necessary trouble which must take.

Few things first,
1. Check the link is given (the state of the link is fully described here)
2. There is no hyperlink, should you have to manually copy paste the given link to your address bar.
3. In following guide pay attention to red pointers in the images if you having trouble understanding!

So now we begin,

Every post contains link, find it. Unless you are blind there shouldn't be a problem for that.

2. 1st Advertisement - 
First advertisement should be like above, wait 05 seconds...
.....and click "SKIP" to continue to next page.

3. 2nd Advertisement - 
Second advertisement should be like above, wait 05 seconds...
.....and click "SKIP" to continue to next page.

4. FINAL Advertisement - 
Final advertisement should be like above, wait 10 seconds...
.....and click "SKIP" to continue to DOWNLOAD PAGE!!.

Now get your file!
Still need help after download??

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