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Resident Evil 5 : Boss Levels

Ok..Resident Evil..One of the toppest, best video games ever made out. Capcom's No.1 world wide Hit... From Raccoon City sewers to Nigerian savanas, took about 15 years on non-stopping survival thriller.

In this Blog post I will tell you some simple ways to Beat the bosses..and some, like those pain in the ass majini's and good old friend lickers (originally first appeared in Resident Evil : part 01 in 1996). - Who are you playing with?..single player or multiplayer??
there are both advantages and dis-advantages of playing with a have to share everything..even ammo..and will refuse to do a job in your way..if it's an AI..well the co-op player is literary have to say everything..and if she dies game over..

2nd - Money is does,collect every treasure!

3rd - Save thing u cannot buy (unless for granade launcher)..U do have a machete,use it when you can use it..If shooting go for the head shots! also u can perform fist fights, do them save ammo!!

Now Bosses

Uroboros Boss: you'll meet this guy in first part of the game..Hope you found a the burner room when you meet him..If not check it before you handle this guy.. Now do not waste your ammo on him, cannot be killed with ammo u backe to burner room tell your partner to handle controlls..Get inside the burner,let the creature follow you,quickly exit through the other door..Your partner will do the rest..

The flying Boss: This one is not that tough as it appear to be..If you get too close or creature flies at you, keep your eyes to quick action keys! Collect the proximity mines around the them on the way of the creature..when it exlplodes the creature will unable to move for few seconds, run near it, shoot the red thing near it's a$$!. Repeat this for 3-4 times and it will die!

The giant Majini Boss: Just keep your eyes on the quick action keys!..1st shoot the head..then something from his body will appear..shoot them..finally something big will appear from his back,shoot this!..Reapeat this for 2-3 times!..he's dead meat! out for majini's with arrows..take them out!..they will become a real pain,if not!

Irvin the Octipus Boss: Tell sheva to take controll of one of the guns on the ship..U take the other one!..Look out for quick action keys!..shoot the tentacles,then finally Irvin will reveal himself..shoot the bastered!..Creature might change locations time to time,if so, don't waste ur time, go to another gun and take him out ASAP! BTW..don'rt even bother to waste your own ammo!

The flying Boss: This creature will appear again in the ancient city! But you have a choice now (won't appear on screen, but logically)You can run or Fight! If fighting you can use your big guns to handle it need of mines! when it's crippled shoot the red thing! If u decide to run, jus run through the steps! But if you killed it, it'll give a a valuable soul Gem!

Lickers: they are tough!..yes they are specially in later levels as in groups!..handle them with big guns! use quick action keys to avoide being injured! Grenade launcher and rifles seems much effective against them!

Uroboros Spider Boss: This one bit tough!..I died once,for the first time on a boss level...well take out its legs first, shoot the red parts on its legs..Once you shoot all the legs..It will open up it's mouth. Shoot the red thing in it's mouth! To shoot, use a good gun like shot gun or something!..Repeat this for 4-5 times! Look out for ground shakes, flying mosquito type creatures and some quick action keys to avoide being attack by the spider!

Uroboros Boss: 2nd appearance in a Lab!..and no burner room!..No problem, you have a flame thrower now ! Now this is hard! have to go near it to burn it up! If your partner is AI, don't let her to do the job, she'll die!..Do it yourself!
When its burn shoot it at the tenctacles with red things,with a big gun..To end this fight quickly, better use grenade launcher with flame or explosive caps! Yet will have to repeat this 3-4 times

Albert and Jill Bosses:Whatever you do, DO NOT KILL JILL!!..The main thing is to survive yourself 7 miniutes or shoot albert till he leaves! Avoide being shot by Jill, she shoots with a SMG! Don't get in crossfire! The map is big so run! go to a location where Albert can't see you..shoot him, If he doesn't see you, he won't be able to avoide being hit!..that's the only way to do this 7-8 times shoot albert when he's unable to see where you are!

Once Albert leaves, you will have to deal with Jill..DO NOT SHOOT, talk with her..when you press talk she will attack!..even there is no-quick action squence, be ready to goback or go forward to avoid this attack..when Jill touches her head with pain, Sheva will grab or knock her down!..Take out the object from Jill's chest..Doing this several times will remove it! Also do not let Jill go further away from you, she will start shooting again!

Hot BIG Boss: She was kinda hot when she was living!..Well not anymore, quick action keys in the first part, as you running through then inside again quick action keys time to time..Then the real battle, use the satelite marker to attack the creature..First target the arms with red things on it..Once all the arms gone, target the head!..look out for slimy uroboros worms and quick action keys to avoide getting hit by the boss!..Repeating this 3-4 times would end her!

Albert Wesker Boss:

1st part : Turn of the lights by pulling the leavers!, In this way he will unable to see you!..Find the rocket launcher located in a glass box..Tell your partner to have it!..Make sure the lights are out when you do this..
And let her shoot!,Wesker will hold the missile in his hands,shoot at the missile now! Run towards him try to inject the virus! First attempt should find some spare missiles on top floors..Equip one with rocket launcher and tell Sheva to shoot again!..2nd or 3 time would be a success! BTW look out for missiles that Albert throws at and also Albert turn back on the lights, so turn them off!

2nd part : Now Albert is mutated, Use quick action keys..and finally the plane will crash into a lava pit!..OK..Wesker follows you need of fighting, Just run, Sheva will shoot at a red spot on his chest..Once he's done taking from Sheva, He'll go after her..Now act quick, Roll the rock blocking your way..and Sheva will shout for help..Now its your time to help her before she die..Shoot at the red spot on Albert's chest! Rifle or Grenade launcher will do the trick..But grenade launchers take time to impact..Act quick! Once you done that..have to fight to face to face with Albert now..Shoot at the red spot as can..And keep you distant from it!..Once taken some damage!you will get to a checkpoint. Now shoot everything you have. Do not leave the stage area..If do You'll be helpless with his arms! Once ALbert open's up his chest..Shoot it with biggest gun you have if use grenade launcher, battle would end within 2-3 rounds

Once Albert thown himself to lava the game ends!!


NO..He still lives,and you'll have to perform some quick action keys to shoot Albert with a rocket launcher from a Chopper!!


Finally the review

Gameplay :9/10
Story :8/10
Sounds/effects :7/10
In game specials:9/10
Difficulty :8/10
Animation :10/10
Cinematics :10/10
Charactors :9/10
Environment :8/10
World :7/10
Completion :9/10
Total game :9/10

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Wolfenstein (PC DVD) NO CD Working Crack
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Prototype Game (PC) Boss Level Hints

It's another game to complete (including all side missions + hidden stuff + ..blah blah). Haven’t found a easy way to complete Prototype, so I recommend to do these. My full length "end game video" is already in IGN and gamespot..Watch or download it through your accounts..Still I haven't upped a free version for freebies yet..

1. Get most of the upgrades, not all of them are vital for Alex Mercer. Use the Brain (yours, not alex's).Evolution points do require..Get as many as you can!

2. If losing a battle, get the hell out. Or consume anyone, for god sake Alex is a freak of nature. Use the talents within to survive..

3. Toughest enemies are (for infected) hunters and leaders (hydra’s eat shit, even a kid could kill them). Beat them by hammer hand/blade. When they look up and roar at sky..jump away..They are going to go for a blind fury attack.. (for military) only super soldiers (yh…others are crap) beat these super soldiers using your blade.. when a key required for counter attack, press it..Don’t try to be a hero with these guys! For all these tough mofo’s, use various attacks, don’t go according to a book! If your playing game on Hard or Normal; you know what Im talking about, Yh ..they learn your attacks and blocks them..If that happens you will end up doing counter-attacks. Not offensive attacks!

4. I don’t remember the dude’s name (the man whose becoming your last friend and last enemy), But he’s military guy where the gamer encounters him in a hive. When Mercer goes to collect some samples in a hive; this dude jumps in for a quick snack!..If you didn’t had armor yet, use jump attacks!..always collect virus, to keep your health. Once the guy lowers 75%, infected will strike upon the gamer..Don’t mind that, keep beating the guy!..Once he’s down to 50%, military will start attacking the gamer. If low on health consume the military, it boosts health much more than infected. Just keep attacking the boss level and you’ll’ be done!

5. The Leader Mission, in this mission you’ll have to locate and lure and then defeat a leader (a bit larger than hunter). Just do the mission with a military disguise, you’ll do fine. Coz you’ll get military assistance by that. When luring the leader, make sure military is not open fire at the leader. If it dies, mission is over. So lure it, whatever it takes! Once done beat the shit face using hammer hands and jump attacks, no need of armor. Coz it’s too easy! 

6. Protect the Doc Mission, While a doctor doing an autopsy, Alex will have to protect a glass wall from being attack by the infected. Ok!..get your armor now, get blades; prepare for a battle of life time..This is the only place I got killed twice. Attack like hell, be mindful; your own attacks can harm the wall, so avoid being near it! But take out those who attack the wall ASAP!

7. I will skip some of boss levels in here (, If you want to see the full length detailed walkthrough version; is uploaded at I will go for the biggest Bosses now!

8. Elizabeth Greene, I always new there was something Alex got in to .Once she become hydra at Times Square. Get your armor on, equip yourself with blade (goddamn that’s the best weapon)..Don’t care about anything (even the green attack balls of fury) go for the b*tch!..attack! when she’s hurt..(I don’t know what the f*ck Is that)something in the middle will look up and scream!..Once this happen the time slow-motions..Get the hell out! Run!! Fly!!Whatever you do, DO NOT GET CAUGHT in the red smoke!..It’ll lower your health 33% (or more) three these shots your dead!..If low on health go for a infected & consume it. Once you lower 50% of Elizabeth’s health, you will get military assistance. If you have an military uniform, disguise and get into a battleship or a tank..make the woman bleed!!

9. The “name forgotten military“ dude’s 2nd and last appearance
Ok!..this guy is weird. He fights/he helps then Alex finds he’s the one behind project Hope and the death of Greene’s child..Whatever.. Time to put him to sleep forever! Once the CG movie is over, Alex sees the “dude” becoming “Supreme Hunter” (very large than hunter).. but poor battle, the final was disappointing. I had hard time beating Greene than this guy.. Just ignore the army guys and throw stuff (helicopters/missiles) at the Hunter. I beated this guy in the first round!..No hard at all..If going low on health consume an army guy or get the amour. But once hunter’s health goes 50%, a timer will appear..Act quick now, don’t screw this up…Coz its not that tough at all..I beat it within 35-40 sec remaining.. and further more after the timer, military will start leaving, leaving gamer and hunter no more consume health or assistance..It will be you and him! Beat the ugly SOB and watch the the video goes I think there won’t be a sequel for prototype..That’s a relief..

Finally the review

Gameplay :4/10
Story :6/10
Sounds/effects :8/10
In game specials:6/10
Difficulty :3/10
Animation :8/10
Cinematics :7/10
Charactors :6/10
Environment :2/10
World :5/10
Completion :6/10
Total game :6/10

If you thinking about buying the original, I would say "crap, don't buy it"..If your getting a pirated one.."yh try it, then throw it away!"

See my completion ..ONLY 4 HOURS TO BEAT THE WHOLE STORY MODE OF GAME (Without all of the extras)!!
Took about one hour more to complete the rest, damn! that took some time!!!
Once you complete you get the same movie when you see after the story's a screener
Can you beat my TIME??


Ok, first of all, this thread is in help for those who play Batman Arkham Asylum; and yet trying to beat Joker the giant..I will tell you the way to beat down the 'funny man' for once and for all ..Lot of gamers had difficulties in beating joker, yet i found myself pretty wrapped up when i was in poison Ivy Mission; damn that women is hot!..but i didnt find myself in tight situation with the joker like that..Yet lot have beated the game, none of them (as far as I know,google it,I don't care, infact there will be nothing like this )) has found the tip on timing of the chopper, which I mentioned in here ..check it..guaranteed working and easy as a pie!:lol

Best thing about this is you can do this on PC/Xbox 360 (which i have tested and done)..Haven't tested on PS since i don't have the game for that platform,but im sure it'll work as same as other platforms

Before I continue, have to say,
since I upload my full videos and walkthru's to IGN and gamespot, I have no-legal right to distribute it for free...but I have up'd final seconds of the joker mission and full length,end video in normal mode for gamers! If you are a premium member at IGN or gamespot watch or download the full in game video for Pc hints and ways to beat JOKER!!

1st, make sure you have all health upgrades and all fighting upgrades from wayne tech. This requires. (optional : batrang upgrades)

2ndly, once you get in to visitor area you'll see two lined black guard prisoners, do what ever you want!..fight! or walk away..your choice!!

on the way to the party!!

3rd..When joker counts..before he goes 3,2,1..head far away from it as far as you can, it's a bomb!!

4th, The 2 giants + black guard prisoners

In here, concentrate yourself on big guys, just counter attack the black guard prisoners..You'll do fine..Use giants against black guard prisoners. Once you get all black guard prisoners down. Take out the giants one by one. Warning :In Easy mode you will get 2 more black guard prisoner intrusions.In Normal mode you will get 3 more black guard prisoner intrusions.In Hard mode you will get 4 more black guard prisoner intrusions. So keep your eyes open for them. The number of intrusions might change if you take longer time to beat the gaints.I beat those two within 10 minitues, and I encountered those number of intrusions.

The last giant eat the dust!!

5th, THE JOKER + black guard prisoners

It's quite dispointing, when the bat refuses to be a giant, anyway that's why the good guys allways win in the hard way i guess ..K..Now, run away from joker when he comes for you, when joker is tired he will sent you some henchmen to take care you and will go for a higher platform.

So there will be three waves of these henchmen. In each wave they will equip with higher levels of weapons. Im not gonna explain what are the tricks to beat these guys, since by now you might understand them by your own. ..But remember prisoners with rifles is not a good thing, take them out ASAP!

So here's the big tip, at end of each wave (when in easy 2 black guard prisoners,in normal 3 black guard prisoners, in hard 4-5 black guard prisoners (you will hear or see a chopper flashlight) a helicopter coming.Joker will look at the chopper, not at you!!..Here's your chance to beat JOKER!. The helicopter comes at the exact number of prisoners fighting with you as i told you within brackets. So make a count. Now this depends on your difficulty level, in normal you will have less than 20 seconds to beat the the 2 black guard prisoners, in normal and hard you will have less than 15-10 seconds to beat the numbers,its all about time now.. Beat the guys within the time and get your advanced bat claw, target joker and PULL!!when he's down, beat him!..You'll have to do this for three times to beat the game. So thats why there will be three waves of black guard prisoners ..

Congratz! you beat the Batman Arkham Asylum!!!

Finally end!!

By the way, if you failed to beat the guards before chopper leaves. Not to worry joker will look away from the chopper and will look at you again!. Will send more men at you, beat them again. When numbers comes, the helicopter comes!

Watch the video click here

Finally the review

Gameplay :9/10
Story :7/10
Sounds/effects :8/10
In game specials:6/10
Difficulty :7/10
Animation :8/10
Cinematics :7/10
Charactors :9/10
Environment :8/10
World :5/10
Completion :8/10
Total game :8/10

I beat all the diffulties (with all the riddles, all the challanges, all unlocks) in Batman Arkham Asylum,
When playing for the first time,will take about 12 hrs,to complete the game, after that can beat the game in these or in less time,

Easy : 9 hours : 24 Min
Normal : 14 hours: 12 Min
Hard : 16 hours: 49 Min

Yes! I used a stop watch to keep my gameplay times ...

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Allways here to assist gamers on elakiri.
Long live the Dark Knight!!