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First of all thanks for reading this. We mostly post stuff after we tested them on our PC's!.. You should be thankful to us for that! Which we don't get usually! 

We are doing this as an help to online gaming communities! and for people who are frustrated with fake posts! Otherwise we don't have a pain in our asses to go with this kinda work! LoL!

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We are currently testing these games,

The Walking Dead
Scary Girl
Killing Floor (Online Only)
Sleeping Dogs
Black Mesa
Gotham City Imposters (Online)

We do need some help, on MP games!.. For avoid getting hi-pings, we need someone near or in south asia to play with us! If interested mail us by making the topic, GAMING!

Of course, please understand that we are busy human beings who work, study and take a piss (:P). So give us some time to get back at you! And please don't blame us for your shitty connections! Get a better connection or a better service provider! And we don't like negative minded comments without a name of the poster! Get a back bone! If you need to call us "fuckers!" say it to the face! not by running away from it! For more info on our comment moderation, see here!

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