Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

James Bond : Blood Stone - Complete Game Save Files

Not all Intelligence were collected, but some were!
Played on Medium Difficulty! All Missions/ Levels Unlocked!
6 Save Files Included From Various locations of the game, even a save file after the Finale with nicole!



Friday, November 26, 2010

Grand Theft Auto IV Cracks for All updates!

Release Info : Razor 1911

Install Notes:
Replace the Original files from the installed directory!

Other Notes:
The post Includes four cracks for versions,
Use the proper crack for your release!
Link Dead


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mafia II - Joes Adventures (SKIDROW)

Instructions are given inside!
Download the link list and download the DLC!
Full size of the DLC is 1.33GB! Links are available on Hotfile / File Sonic and File Serve Links!!

Install Instructions and Links are given in the .Rar file!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Call Of Duty : Black Ops - Game Completed Save Files

12 Saves for the campaign from start to End of the game!. To choose your entry!
+ All Intel Collected Save File and Screen Shots from start to End of the game!

Played on Regular (Normal) Difficulty!
Follow Instuctions with the given READ ME!
-File No Longer Available-


Please read our comments policy before posting
In celebrating our 60th mile stone in followers we make this unique file available for everyone! Enjoy!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Call of Duty : Black Ops - Multi Player None Steam For Noobs!

Unlike our last post this is pretty much easy-to-use MP patch! In other words-> for noobs!

Note :
  1. Still you can't play with your friends!!
  2. Still you may have problem with your bots!
  3. Still there is a risk of STEAM getting banned!
  4. Still NO Kill Steak! NO level Up!
Instructions are given inside!

I have skipped instructions, like add your BO to STEAM. (general things about playing on STEAM)
Thanks Reaver for the Crack!
Warning: For use of legit player who cannot play MP only! Not for usage for piracy perposes!


Tomb Raider Anniversary Nude Patch 1.7

Are you not satisfied with the original nude patch? Try this one. With one really sexy fishnet outfit and some sexy look!, this new Lara Croft will surely make you happy. XD!

Instructions are given Inside!!



Saturday, November 20, 2010

Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit Error Fixes

* Solution for users (Mostly for Quad and Dual Core users), that got a crash to desktop
Start the game and open the Taskmanager. Set the affinity to only 2 cores. Yes, the game 'may' not work with quadcores, except you switch to 2 cores. Hope, EA will fix this. I found this solution in their board - all users with quadcores are having this problem too - either retail (uncracked) or not.

* Black Screen Fix
Run the game and then set affinity to 0 and 1 cpu's in Task Manager.
and Disable all background tasks!

* The game is in RUSSIAN
cmd> regedit> ctrl+f> type need for speed > change (locale) from "ru" to "en" without the " "

* Does the Game Crash/Freeze for you? Fails to Load?
To those with ATI Radeon cards: Try updating to catalyst 10.10e hotfix and to those whose audio drivers are written by Realtek, update to the latest version of their audio software (Try Googling an alternative to their TW homepage - slow DL speeds for me at least)

Usually the main cause of the crack not working (i.e. crashes to desktop, program fails to load) is due to an AV/Anti-Spyware type program's (i.e. AVG, Norton, NOD32) "REALTIME MONITORING" feature.

(In AVG this feature is labelled "Resident Shield")

DISABLE the real-time protection feature when installing the game and/or crack. (If you do re-enable the real-time protection feature at some point down the road, if you happen to run a full scan it will then detect that crack as a virus again and remove it -- personal experience for this game)

Well, that's what I had to do to get this game running Smile

(P.S Make sure you have the latest DirectX, .Net Framework, the basics etc)

* When i run the game it says "Connecting to Autolog" yet nothing happens. only black screen with this rotating icon.
• Disconnect From Internet
• Try disabling your Antivirus/Firewall
• Launch the game with administrator rights and with Windows Vista ( Service Pack 1 ) compatibility. I had the same problem and now it works well.
• Add NFS11.exe to your firewall exceptions!

* Reloaded Activator is a "Heuristic Win32 Trojan .. F*CK!"
• Buy The Game!

* Game Lags like hell!
• If you get passed minimum system Requirements! Run game in Normal Graphics, If still do; disable all un-wanted Graphic options! (like changing Resolution to dekstop native resolution/ Disabling shadows)

* Where the f*ck is AA option in NFS?? O_o
• You don't have one, Change AA settings from your video card's control panel

* Can I play online with my Reloaded Crack?
• No, U can't still. Again Buy the Game!

* "Need for Speed exe has stopped working:" Error!
• This gets on Vista and 7! Run game in comparability mode!

*How to run Hot persuit in Windowed mode?
Open config file (Browse to c:\Documents And Settings\\My Documents\Criterion Games\Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit\ and Open the config.NFS11Save file with a text editor.)
Browse to [Display] Section
eet fullscreen=flase. Save and close file. Now Run Game!

* I changed my resolution in game. Now I can't see anything. It's all black. How can I cahnge back to previous resolution in NFS Hot Pursuit

Open the config.NFS11Save file as stated earlier.
Browse to the [Display] section.
Alter width and height properties to fit your desired resolution. For example, values for 800x600 resolution would be : Width=800
Save and close the file.
Run the game.
Note that adding a resolution unsupported by your video card/monitor would cause black screen issues when trying to launch the game.

*How to change language? My game runs in Russian! :(
Run Registery Editor. (Type regedit in start menue. Or Run Programme.)
Locate the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit\1.0 (on 64-bit systems)
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit\1.0 (on 32-bit systems)
Change the Language key value to ‘English’ and Locale key value to ‘en_US’.
It may be possible to switch to other languages/locales if you are using a MULTILANGUAGE release. However, I personally have not tried it.

Written by Dark Nite!
If you wanna ask me something PM me via followers! Others ask ken!

Grotesque Tactics - Crack Only

Release Info : DNS

Instructions :
Install Game!
Let the Game update online to v. (not given on the post)
Apply the crack!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lost Planet 2 : Game Completed Save Files

Game Played on Normal Difficulty! Achieved and Unlocked Most of the Achievements! Played on repacked version!
Will unlock all 6 Chapters and all Episodesin it!
Episode's success rate is 95% at A-B's!!!

Read the, READ ME file Inside Rar!!!! It's Important.
WARNING / IMPORTANT : Rename the "Kenji" folder name to your "Games For Windows Live" username ID!!!



Games for Windows Live uses heavy tech to protect their games against pirecy and cheating. Thanks to Mondo for this information. You may have to use the following download to use this save file. This will disable most of Xlive/GFWL protections against cheating (Using other player's save files is cheating :P)
This ASI Loader also can work with all dsound using games and applications.Tested only with xlive.dll v2.0.0687.0-! If your GFWL auto updated then there is a chance of won't work!

XLIVE Protection Disabler


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 - Crack ONLY

Release Info : Razor 1911

Instructions are given Inside! (Keygen may detect as trojan or virus)


How to Play Call Of Duty : Black Ops Multi Player On None Steam

Warning! : Use at your own risk! This could banned your steam account! Never use a legit account to test this! If you get caught you will be responsible for illegal use of the software, and violation of Activision agreement! We are posting this for legit users to play online if they cannot connect to MP servers due to being busy or not responding!
There is currently no way to spawn bots after deaths (Some times bots may not appear at all), but update will coming soon! This mod/hack, can let you play in multiplayer mod alone!! We will be updating as the original testers will get soon post how to connect with other players!!

1. Download this:

No Pass
(Note: Two separate RAR files inside this main RAR)

2. How to install:

1. Install Steam (if you not)
2. create a folder in Steam directory called "Steamapps"
3. create a folder in steamapps directory called "Common"
4. create a folder in common called "Call of Duty Black Ops"
5. Copy your installed 'Black Ops' Game Files into, above Call of Duty Black Ops" folder
6. Copy the data from "GreenLuma-1.4Steam006.rar" to steam folder
7. Copy all files from "Steamapps.rar" into your steamapps folder
8. Start steam with clicking on GreenLuma.exe
9. Click on Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer on steam
10. Type ingame in console (`) /map MAPNAME
(instead of MAPNAME, the name of your favourite map )
11. Play the game!!

PS: You need to install Skidrow Update 1

3. How to change the in game name:

Go to "Call of Duty Black Ops" folder, than in players-folder, open config_mp.cfg, press Ctrl + F for search, type in "seta name" without the "" and change the name!

4.How to change map via console (`):

Press the Console key on your keyboard, and type in "/map MAPNAME", without the "".
For example : /map mp_cracked

Here are all maps you can chose:


5. How to add Bots :

Go in Call of Duty Black Ops folder,Then into players-folder!

Download this file:
No Pass

Copy & paste, and replace your old config_mp.cfg, if you changed your name earlier, do it again in this file!
Go ingame, type in console your map like I've written here (above) again, before you choose a team, press '/' and after this 'o', without the ''. Now the bots will appear!! (May Work or May Not)

Video Proof

Well, That's that!
So as first, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
This is for legit gamers who cannot connect to Multi Player Only! But still altering STEAM may get your account banned!!!
By doing this you will be able to connect to a game and play alone against AI enemies with or without your allied bots!
We will soon post "How to Join a game"!

backyard- We don't test this yet currently, None Of us is playing this game! Im playing Spiderman Web of Shadows, Ken is playing Lost Planet 2 etc. So give us some time to check this out. Or check yourself, and let us know. Feedbacks are appreciated!!

Gray Matter - Crack Only

Release Info : Reloaded

Play Instructions:
Install the game - Full Installation.
Replace the original GAME.EXE file with the one from the File Archive.
Play the Game!



James Bond : Blood Stone - Language Changer

Can be used with any Release!

Disable Anti Virus!
This is a modified language fixer, may detects as Virus or Trojan!
Use it only if you understand what I told you earlier!!!
Just Run it!
Change Your Language!
Play the Game!

Supports Multi 6 language set only!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops Skidrow Fix - Update 1

1. Fixed saving of the game, as well as the ability to play through a browser
2. Improved efficiency for dual and quad-core systems

Installation instructions are Inside!!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cars Toon Mater's Tall Tales - Crack Only

Release Info : FLT

Instructions are given Inside!


DMCA Notices

We recieved some DMCA violation for our posts in fixing game problem.O_o (WTF??)
Please read our Disclaimer for information about what we share on this blog. All cracks patches linked in this blog is for legit players who decide to play them offline or with out thier discs!
Backyard Spot DOES NOT encourage or Support gamers to use games for pirating purposes!

We had to remove the "Call Of Duty Black Ops Game Fixes" and "Singularity Game Fixes" Pages due to a report in violation of DMCA act!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dark Siders : Complete Game Save Files

From Beginning to End of the Game!
Nine saves featuring From First Mission to Last Mission of Defeating Abbadon!
Unlocked Abyssal Armor and Most of Artifacts!
Choose the game you want to play from , Load and Play!!

Due to large requests that I have recieved for this file! I have decided to psot the link for everyone! But don't forget a new save file for Lost Planet 2 is on it's way! :D So do follow us! Be the first to get all the achievements and all unlocks!!

Enjoy the game!!


Monday, November 8, 2010

Race 07 - The Official WTCC Game - Crack Only

Three Cracks Included!

Race07v12013NoDVD.7z - For Ver.
Race 07 v1.0.0.9 [ENGLISH].7z - For Ver.
Race 07 v1.0 [ENGLISH].rar - For Ver. 1.0

Use the crack suite for you!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Windows 7 All Version ACTIVATOR – Latest Version

Windows 7 Activator Patch the latest patch for windows 7 ( all releases ) , replace your windows 7 key and allow you to download the latest updates like genuine.

Instructions are inside for seperate activators!
First Genuine Keys may get blacklisted due to number of people downloading this file! Get it early to get your key!

No Pass

L4D2 - IGN Walkthrough

L4D : The passing DLC cracked server tesing is starting from next weekend (14thNov.)! We'll update info as needed!
Join our fight for survival, once again! :D

Meantime, enjoy the IGN exclusive (which available for IGN Gold Members ONLY) Walkthrough for L4D2!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

James Bond 007 Blood Stone - Crack Only

Release info : Reloaded

Instructions :
Install the game.
Use "BondUpdate_75907_to_76654.exe" to update the game.
Copy over the cracked content.
Play the game!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Death Spank - Crack Only

Release Info : Theta

Instructions :
Install Game.
Copy Cracked .exe file to your Install directory and over write!
Play Game!!

Please read our comments policy before posting

Emergency 2012 - Crack ONLY

Release Info : Reloaded

Instructions :
Install the game.
Copy over the cracked content.
Play the game.

Please read our comments policy before posting

Shank - Crack Only

Two Cracks included!! From two release groups!!

Release Info : Reloaded/ Theta

Instructions :

For Reloaded
Install the game.
Copy over the cracked content to \bin of your installation directory and run 3in1_Activator.exe to activate the game.
Play the game.

Note: directx_Jun2010_redist.exe is required to play this game.

For Theta
Install the game.
Copy over the cracked content to \bin of your installation directory and run Shank.exe to play!

If you still decide to download and try it, don't act as a retard and yell this is virus! If have second thoughts, go get another crack from any other site! We are playing this game fine! and it's FUN!!! XD