PC DVD Covers from Backyard!

Well, though about sharing some DVD covers that I have created!
Note : These are based on PS2/XBox and PS3 covers! Some even are based on art works and wallpapers of video games! Text mostly got from Wikipedia and Other console based covers! Note that some has been altered to my likings :P 
All the cover art credits should go to people who do this art work for living and their original producers and publishers!
If you like what you see just holla me by giving a comment! :)

All covers are Hi Restorationed with 200 dpi! in RGB color format! Files are in JPEG format!

How to take a Print :
1. Save picture to your desktop
2. Open JPEG file by using "Windows Photo viewer (Win 7/Vista) or Windows Fax and Photo viewer (XP/ME/98)"
3. Select Print in there and Follow options make sure to select "Print A4" and "Actual Size Print" In the process!
4. That's all!

So here's the covers!

007 : Blood Stone PC DVD COVER ART
Original Art Work Created by kenji86! Wallpapers and In game Screen shots were based for this!

Aliens Vs. Predator (2010) PC DVD COVER ART
Nothing is changed from Original cover!

Assassins Creed 2 PC DVD COVER ART
Cover Fully created by Kenji86! based on Wallpapers and in game based rt work!

Borderlands PC DVD COVER ART
Full cover design by kenji86! Based on DLC's which I had in the time and Wallpapers of coz! :P

For more of my creations visit My Deviant Art page!