Friday, November 27, 2009

Sad day for Bit Torrent Users

Yes Indeed. It's a very sad day for those millions of users,including myself who used the best torrent site on net committed suicide. Mininova limits its distrubution service only for they have been legally capable of. Which sucks majorly. No more DvD rips/ Games ..Fuck! Mininova was the only torrent site with minimum fake torrents, viruses and scams. Eventhough there is few other torrent sites to replace mininova, it will never be as mininova it self. This post was made only for say thank you to the staff at mininova. Rest In Peace!! Thank you very much for the fishes! We all had a great time! Wonderful time!! There was no day I haven't been on your site!!..It hearts to lose womething on internet, feels like the torrent users had lost something and a big win for those cooperate motherfuckers!

The free world will miss you mininova. As long as BitTorrent survives, you will be remembered in our minds! Untill we meet at the flipside, So long! ..Hope to see at least you rise from the dead or someone who be just like you. Eventhough it sounds impossible, it makes my wounds heal.

Thank you mininova! Good luck with your new Data base... I will miss you! :( ..
Good bye!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Prince of Persia : Sands of Time (Movie) wallpapers

(1680 x 1050)

(1263 x 972)

(1597 x 1176)
Upcoming (May 28,2010) blockbuster gonna be hit Prince of Persia is completed it's production. Now all have to do is wait. Both movie and game fans are thrilled how the story of Prince may or may not changed the original story line of legendary POP series. Enjoy the first un-official wall papers of Prince of Persia in our site

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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