Idiot's Guide to Become a Follower and Request file and WAIT!!

We get hundreds and thousands of replies saying various stuff some say the became followers when they are actually not or following us in complete  different name so we can't recognize or the worse giving a false e mail address and complaining not receiving the e mail. We have already posted a tutorial for this but it looks bit out-dated or worse not getting enough attention of the "idiots"

We are going the long way (using left hand to scratch right ear) since people are NOT getting it the easy way.

So here we are once again a guide for our fellow idiots and less smarties.

1. One comment would be enough for request, spamming is not acceptable, you must be in a hurry for the file. But we are not. File sending takes 24-48 hrs. Don't like it? Go somewhere else!
2. Your e mail ID's/ Addresses must be valid and working ones, If you give fake ones, and will cause fail delivery. After 2 fail attempts we will STOP sending the file and will ignore you.
3. Fake E mail address only causes your membership, every member who haven't received files in first sent, will be noted and will not be qualified for free game giveaways.
4. After June 2012, followers are NOT allowed to ask for sent to a separate e mail address. The files/ Promotions will ONLY be sent to the follower e mail. 

NOTE : We recommend to follow us using YAHOO or GOOGLE sign up. Since it will make your task easier and when we send files, it directly sends to above mails.
Also make sure when adding an e mail ID that it is VALID and WORKING. If you give a false e mail, the files will not be sent and if delivery fails more than 3 times, we will abort and discard the follower as of new regulations from 1st of June 2012.

The Guide

1. Find Join This Site gadget on Back Yard. Click Sign In!

2. Now this window will pop up. Select Either one of Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Open ID, AIM or Netlog account of yours and log in. (You must have either one of them to become a follower) I will select Google for this tutorial.

3. Apply your Gmail username and password. Sign In!

4. If you were already on Google you must have a nickname for Google, Here it is Shawn.
5. Always remember to tick on Follow Publicly, otherwise even we can't see you follow us.
If you don't like the profile you can always change into some other profile by clicking on to More Options (next to Follow This Blog)
6. Finally when done, click Follow This Blog and you are done here!

7. Now see top Right corner of your browser page? It says "Sign In". So sign in with the account you just used for follow Backyard-Spot.

8. Once you Signed In, Your name will appear on comments. So Make your comment. Requesting the file or whatever the bullshit you have to say.

9. If you used a different name in followers than the one appear on comments, Make sure to notify us like above example. This make our work much easier.

10. IMPORTANT : Request means request! In English that means 'asking for something', saying 'Thanks" or "fssdsdsd" does NOT means as a request! If you do not properly ask for the file, you comment will consider as spam and deleted even we recognize your follower ID!

After 1st of August premium content files has given a seperate link to download those who not wish to do as above. However it will be more time spending and will require some surveys to complete to get to the download link. If you wish this solution check the post for "LINK LOCKER LINK" and go to the given link. Do the survey and download your file. However personally I would recommend the old fashioned "be a follower and request the file" way. :D
1. It is way easier if you use a GOOGLE or YAHOO account to follow us!
2. Give a valid working account! File re sends are limited, so use wisely!!
3. Make follow publicly!!
3. Make sure your name is appear on followers and in the comments  as you want it! If not let us know about it.
4. Files WILL NOT BE sent to user given mail addresses, the service is only for the mail address which is combined to follower!
6.Your comment will not appear as soon as you made it, it will be moderated so don't spam or folood comments! One is enough!! 
Finally : Unless you understand and do as above don't bother asking to send you the files, there is no point other than wasting our time!
So that's the way. We know this is the hard way. But this way you won't be messed again as long as you live or asking why my name doesn't appear or why Im not getting files?...Easy for users and us.