Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Modern Warfare 2 : alterIWnet server

Client version for a fresh Modern Warfare 2 installation
Torrent: See down

Client version update from the latest Modern Warfare 2 version:
Torrent: See down

Jerbobs Mirror no speedlimit+no waiting time

DLC maps:

If you're unsure which version you have, download the first file.

Changelog for client version 1.3.37
## Fixed:
  • Game start-up crashes on PPPoE connections
  • Loss of stats upon game exit (SteamID fix)
  • Fixed DLC map loading errors
## Additions:
  • Leet version number 8-)
  • DLC Maps are now selectable through the playlists
  • Unlocked previously hidden game modes
  • Minor gameplay modifications

This torrent includes all..

Torrent details:
This pack contains:  DLC-Full.7z - Full DLC maps. Extracted in the game root folder. (Normally, C:Program FilesActivisionModern Warfare 2, Note: the .ff files should end up in /zone/english/, not in /zone/dlc)  _____________________________________________________________________________________
MW2Client-from-new.7z - This should be extracted in the root folder if you have the latest version running, 1.1.195. This, for example, is the free weekend version.  _____________________________________________________________________________________
MW2Client-from-old.7z - This is a slightly bigger archive, because it provides an updated version of the .iwd and .ff files. You should use this archive if you have an older version, such as a fresh SKIDROW install. _____________________________________________________________________________________
Startup-crash-fix.7z - This is a simple fix for those of you who crashed on game start. This was caused by an error in interacting with your PPPoE interface. This file was included in all the other packs and you can download it alone to fix your installation if you've already played on our server.
The Emulator is still in BETA stage, this means it still has some unresolved issues. At this time, you will not be able to have a friends list. Everything will be fixed in time and the game will be fully functional.    If you're unsure which version you have, it's best to install the "MW2Client-from-old.7z" package. This will make sure you're running the proper files.     Instructions:  1. Run "alterIWnet_configure.exe", type your name and click save. 2. Run iw4mp.exe 3. Play and enjoy.


Please, remember to set your nickname using the "alterIWnet_configure" executable.
And btw, Thanks to all @ for this. ;)


  1. it says connecting to iwnet

  2. Make sure NAT is open in game! If NAT is STRICT, Allow it from settings in your router/modem!

  3. There is an update for this server here,
    Please apply it. Thanks


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