Saturday, May 8, 2010

GTA EFLC Razor 1911 Crack fix (No sound / No mouse movement)

A proper crack fix is not out yet, So fix this in our way!
To fix this, you don't need to download anything. Only do this if you are facing this errors. Otherwise not recommended!!

Stop game completely, Check Task Manager to make sure!
Go to your anti virus.
Fire wall settings, and BLOCK APPLICATIONS
Browse to EFLC folder and select -> gta4Browser.exe
Click OK and Exit!
Now Run game.
Should work fine now!

Only few tests were done on this glitch/error by us.. We need feed back. All support is appreciated!

Fixed, and tested on Win 7 - 32 bit, played online!


  1. where u get razor crack for this efcl?
    please give me that link

  2. This is not the crack mate.. However I got the reloaded version (razor 1911's) from the piratebay!
    Also check here->

  3. I can't save my game when i get to safe house . It asks me for sign up & I don't have internet connection . I have downloaded the razor crack but still can't save the game.
    PLZ reply me early

  4. In the game start-up it asks for a sign in @ 'Games For Windows', rite? Make a New account in "OFF-LINE" .. I don't remember where exactly, but it is in options when you create a new account!
    hope that was helpful!

  5. As u eter the Main Menu of GTA 4 (PC) u have a thing called Guide.. click it.. the Windows Live S#!t should pop up, and just scroll down on the first page u see.. READ what it says and click where its Bold Blue...

  6. WTF r u talking abt? R u talking about dis?
    Who are u referring to? By all means, there is no GUIDE here.. And above mentioned guide does not contin such instructions, it only contains cheats and mission guides! :)


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