Monday, May 5, 2014

The Amazing Spider Man 2 - Completed Game Save files
Info -
Story completed
Total Completion: 67%

Main Missions 14 of 14
Hideouts 5 of 5
Photo Investigations 30 of 30
Jameson’s Photos 0 of 13
Combat Challenges 1 of 12
Races 4 of 15
Oscorp Crates 3 of 30
Collectible Audio Logs 6 of 40
Comics Pages 65 of 300

Install Info -
Copy to your,“267550” folder from archive in folder archived in (may also located in 218620 depending on the crack,if so rename the given folder to it and replace)
Launch game, load and play!

I'm an idiot, can't find the link?

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