Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hunt or Become Hunted!

Left 4 Dead creator Turtle Rock's new franchise isn't about hunting zombies in a team of four, it's about hunting something much bigger. Something that puts the tank to shame. The Goliath is a giant, alien beast that storms through the jungle with four hunters hot on its heels in Evolve, a 4vs1 mashup, coop, multiplayer shooter that's set to feature many more hunters and monsters when it's finally released.

Getting a headstart on all of us though, is Redbull, which has been playing a lot of it at publisher 2k Games' HQ and it wants to share some of its more "advanced" hunting tips with you.

If you happen to be on the side of the hunters, it recommends you keep your medic alive above all others. Her heal beam makes her the only character that can bring you back to life from a distance and it's a lot easier for her to revive you than it is for you to revive her. Likewise the trapper is incredibly important, not just because he can stop the monster escaping with a well timed harpoon or energy shield, but because he can find where it is using his sound spikes.

If you're the monster though, Redbull recommends stealthy gameplay, at least to start with. Instead of barrelling through the undergrowth, it instead suggests that you jump from tree to tree and rock to rock, thereby leaving no footprints for the hunters to follow. This, it says, is an excellent strategy when you're trying to find somewhere quiet to evolve to your next incarnation.

When it comes to your abilities, Redbull says you need to be mindful of your cooldowns. No ability can be spammed again and again, so throw a rock, charge in, breath some fire and leap away. Don't stand there waiting for another rock, mix it up.

Above all though, it recommends to play to your strengths. The monster is always faster than the hunters, so if you need to, don't turn a blind eye to the age of strategy of legging it.

Evolve is set for release sometime this fall on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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