Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to get "Player Loyalty Rewards" legally!

Info -
Can apply to legit/ original /Steam or any other retail version of Borderlands! (Works on all updates)
Haven't tested on cracked version of the game, so feedback is appreciated!

Reward info -
Will unlock FREE a face (head) and skin for all of your characters!

Install Info -
Download our Borderlands Original game save from here!
Unpack the saves as in that post!
Launch "Borderlands 2"!
Go to Extras->Player Loyalty Rewards and you will get a massage saying you have unlocked above mentioned skins!
To apply the new skins/head go to a character customize station and apply!
Get the saves!

Also check this video by 
Video is courtesy of RifleGaming
It will show you how to get additional AlienatiOnMarshall Mustache/ Metal Fear and Medic Mentis heads!
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