Saturday, October 6, 2012

Anno 2070 : Deep Ocean - CRACK ONLY

Release Info - Reloaded

Notes - This is a crack for an addon and it requires Anno 2070 and Deep Coean DLC to be installed! This is crack Only, DLC is not given here!

WARNING : The following cracked content may detect as threat which is harmless to Operating Systems. No one force you to download these. You have been warned!

Supported version of the game - 2.0.7780 (MULTI5)

Install Info -
Install the game!
Install the Deep Ocean DLC! (not given here)
Replace the original files with the one from the File Archive.
Then either run install.bat or copy the "Profile" dir to your "USERPROFILE"\Application Data\Ubisoft\ANNO 2070" yourself.
Block all of the game exes in your system firewall. If you don't know how to, Google for it!
Play the game!
When prompted, use "RELOADED" as login and "1" as password to play the game offline!

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  1. Please help me. After I successfully install Anno 2070 and I click the exe the game does not start. What I can do?

    1. Need more info than that if you need help.
      Like does you meet minimum requirements? What game version is it? release? etc.

    2. Me too...I have game version 1.04 and install DLC but it's doesn't start!!

    3. Post says supported game version is "2.0.7780" ? So updated versions will not work with this crack.

  2. I use reloaded crack, start the game everything works, and in the first campaign mission 3 black sea have some bug I cant finish it, (there is a order to take the bio technician to the ark from my warehouse but there is none bio technician in my warehouse i selected all the houses and still no result ) please advise.

    1. I haven't encountered any such that. However check this might help, If still have your problem, update your game to latest version.


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