Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Plants Vs. Zombies - Completed Game Save File

Includes "TWO" releases,
For v.1.00 Users use the "userdata" in "Normal Edition" folder!
For v1.2.0.1073.Game.of.the.Year.Edition users use the "userdata" in "v1.2.0.1073.Game.of.the.Year.Edition" folder!

Once you have selected your save data to copy, paste "userdata" to where ever your Plants Vs. Zombies is installed!
Ex - C:\Program files\Plants Vs. Zombies\
Load User and Play the game!
This saves cannot use for legit game, since already played on STEAM for achievements! Play OFFLINE, If you do play online there will be a chance of STEAM detect you as a cheater or a hacker!

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