Friday, December 10, 2010

Tron : Evolution - CRACK ONLY

Release Info: Reloaded

Install Instructions :
1. Install Game!
2. Copy Cracked content and paste it to your
3. Play the game using GridGameLauncherc.exe

Special Note: Reloaded Crack is detected as win 32 executable Trojan! We don't know what the F it do! However I'm playing it without any problem! Just turn off your damn anti virus before unpacking!
If doubt, Don't Download it!
Completed full game save files can be found here!


Release Info : Reloaded


  1. doesn't seem to work. maybe i have something set up wrong. when i type in disney for the pw on winrar i still get extraction failed. when i go to open gridlauncherc i failed to initialize. now i did have the game running a few hrs ago but i couldn't get in b/c of the game needing to be activated. so whats the dealo really?

    1. If the extraction was failed in the first place, that means you have NOT copy pasted the cracked content properly. And then you say you were able to run GridGameLauncherc.exe? How can you run it if rar didn't extracted in the first place?? Fail extraction means some files may got corrupted during download or extraction. Ho ever if the game ran it means you ran your own exe file instead of the cracked, that's why it asks for activation.

  2. Replies
    1. Read the post. It's given under "Pass"???

  3. Replies
    1. If you need the serial, buy IT! No one will give you for free!
      This is crack, not a serial!

  4. when i try to open GridGameLauncherc.exe it wont open i dunno what to do :/

    1. Please stick to ONE COMMENT.
      This is an old game, crack above is for original release which don't have today. Use latest updates and the suitable crack for them.

  5. why the hell is it giving me a 404!


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