Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Link Locker Links" Are now effective on Backyard!

Finally we have given full access to all viewers (well almost). You don't have to be an employee or a follower to get premium file anymore. If you can't wait that far or clumsy/bored enough to understand few steps, well this option is for you. Just complete the given survey on under the "Link Locker" link and get your download link and get the file!
Note -  These Locker Link files are ONLY available for Premium Content Files which were locked for all viewers previously (Before 31st July 2012). Other general files are NOT effected by this!
However we would still recommend to follow us and get the links directly from us,even it is slow. We will not be responsible for any information which you will have to give or may happen during the survey, since it is run by completely a third party link provider.
More info can be found on our help pages.
General help
Guide to download
Become a follower

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