Wednesday, September 19, 2012

F1 2012 - CRACK ONLY

Release Info -FairLight (FLT)

Install Info -
Install full game!
Copy the cracked content to your installation and replace all!
Launch "f1_2012.exe" to play!

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi Joris,
      It works fine. We tested it. If you need help with issue on your end, we will need more information than that. We are not psychic you know.

  2. f1 can launch but when after the cutscene then reached menu the game suddenly crashed....i try all update but it doesn't work...can you tell what software shouldn't have and should have in my pc cause i have this issue once but other game but i delete the file it worked...but this one i don't know...any suggestion and solution

    1. Hi,
      We can only support you guys if you have common issues when using files which available here. Which is not in your case. Someone may reply or Try a forum or such as.

  3. Cual es la contraseña?... si subes un archivo para que hacerlo con contraseña...

    1. ENGLISH??
      The sites main language is English, so better if you get adept to that.

  4. What is the problem! Why you just do write crack on here ?!
    Because the links are not working and they have a virus!
    Please write here the crack for F1 2012 PC game.
    Thanks !!!

    1. 1. Google does not host DMCA conflict files.
      2. If the links are dead you can feedback to us. Why do you call it has virus? If the file has been deleted. That means it IS DELETED. It won't be replace by some virus. What are you living in? a cave?
      3. Crack is not something you can write on a HTML page. Its a program which uses FTL, and it should be hosted ona FTP supporting site.
      4. If you don't like the way we work here. You are most welcome to try another website.
      Thanks for the feedback.


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