Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dead Island Update 1 + MULTIPLAYER Crack

Release Info _ Reloaded

Install Notes -
1. Install the game
2. Download & Install & Register On Steam (If you have it no need for this step)
3. Download SmartSteam and put it to your Steam folder
4. Download Multiplayer Cracked files, extract and copy to your game Dir
5. Add Dead Island to steam (as none steam game and add to smart steam as well)
6. Open SmartSteam, Launch the game from DeadIslandGame.exe
7. Play!

(Launch tunngle or hamachi to play LAN with friends, this is pretty good way since you can play offline without steam risk!)

NOTE - STEAM may patch this in later updates. Violating steam user agreement may end up your legit accounts on permanent bann! Use your own accounts at risk! (But 50% less chances of getting caught on VPN's)

Green luma (Download if needed) -
Smart Steam V.1.4.1 -
Update 01 -

If you have curlib.dll error, use this fix! -


  1. Hi TechConz,
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We'll be uploading the file soon as possible. :)

  2. Looks good, thank you. I definitely would like to get validated so I can download :-). You definitely got a nice blog going.

  3. Hi skillzthatkillz,
    These files are for everyone. Sorry for the delay in posting, and thank you! :)

  4. this doesn't work anymore, and now i can't launch the game

  5. Yes we do say it clearly that, STEAM will patch this. However that won't allow you from launching game! Try applying later updates!

  6. smartsteam not working anymore :(

  7. Yes..Have you read the previous comment?


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