Saturday, May 28, 2011

Operation Flashpoint Red River - Game Completed Save File

NOTE : There is a slit chance of this may not work for all users! So download if you wanna check it, No guarantee though!
This requires GfWL, which totally fucks up gamers when cheating. (yah using other players save files is cheating :P) But Fortunately it can be fixed, well for some!
See here for get the GfWL Disabler
Use it to hack your account and disable the anti-cheat protection! Google for instructions for hacking, since we do NOT support that! Once it is done the profile will appear!
Please do not ask for the GfWL profile, it's a legit played online! NEVER USE THE SAVES for ONLINE ACCOUNT! PLAY OFFLINE ONLY! There will be NO tutorial for disabler, if you don't know how to use disabler for this game, No point of downloading it, look somewhere else!

1. Read above!
2. Unpack the OFRR folder to C:\Users\xxx\Documents\My Games\
3. Compatible with Reloaded release (tested)
4. Use the disabler to deactivate in game cheats to identify the profile!

Level 20 Ranked Rifle Man
All played as Fire Team Leader
3 Bronzes/4 Silvers and 3 Golds (including Finale with gold) to complete campaign
Points are fairly used to upgrade player status
Completed whole game on Normal Difficulty level

Warning : Use at your own account / log in information at risk!

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  1. Can someone tell me how to use this? I put it in my saved games folder and it doesn't detect it. Furthermore when I change a few lines in xlive.dll
    it says Rld.dll failed to initialize. Im using reloaded release. Could you be more specific and less narrow-minded on the hacking part? If your not, there is no point in posting this. :)

  2. Hi Jay Zack,
    First of all, Please note that this our site. You can download this or just walk away. It's your choice. We can post Obama's private pics if we want to, coz this is ours. And we are gamers just like you and we get nothing at all, by doing this stuff to help others.
    As I said (probably like million times), we don't support piracy as well as cheating. You have to use Google to get these instructions. We NEVER post a way to cheat or illegal ways in directly via our ways.It is always upto the player to choose the path. If you were been with us from the beginning you would have known that, but nNO, u r simply a Google searcher that dropped down from sky :)
    Google is a very powerful tool, I'm sorry if you cannot handle that..And we do say this might not work on all releases since it has been played online!
    Sorry if this wasn't work for you, but we did warn in the post didn't we?
    If this won't work for you, I recommend looking somewhere else who played the game with an offline account.
    Sorry for the convenience!

  3. i tried to download the file from given link but there is not any types of file like th8 accpt a pic of Cameron Diaz.

  4. Hi Kumar
    This link will redirect you to add site, which will the you need to press "SKIP ADD" on top left corner! Hope this helped!

  5. I understand perfectly that this site belongs to you kenji86 and that you can do with it what you please, I am simple asking what the point is of posting this if you will not provide instructions.
    Also seeing various "cracks" located on the site made by third parties, with advert links, can you truly say that you do not support piracy, but this is beside the point. What I am trying to convey here is that "cheating" in singleplayer (I am unable to play in online games because as before mentioned, I have a less than legitimate game.) is not a trainsmash, even more so because I have completed the game multiple times, but my hard drive failed. I am sure that it would be greatly appreciated by the community, and myself, if you could at the very least provide me with a link or what to google. :)

  6. Interesting points jay shack, but not quite taken the point here.
    A. Owner is legally allowed to use a 'crack' as long as they own it. But the thing about piracy is that pirates don't buy it, but they use the crack. You can see that on End User Licence Agreement, if you ever bought one in your life :)
    B. Your 2nd point was advert links, yes, they have advert links.For link protection and for something for us.. What? can't we get anything from doing all this?
    C.See GFWL Agreements, by accepting their Terms of Service, you AGREE not to use other player profiles/files as your own. You may convey it as not cheating, unfortunately GFWL doesn't. :)
    D. Belong means owns, no I don't own this, it's a free blog with other writers, I just hold the admin rights to it. That's all. As i said it's a blog means we can post what ever we want to, and don't forget we did mention the problem in the main post. So DO NOT TELL ME YOU WERE MISGUIDED!
    E. I can guide you to a google search, but I cannot presonaly take any responsibilities that may happen or screwing ur OS. It's up to you.
    Go see here..You will see that none has posted a way to do it excatly since to post it, u need to use it. Why use it? If you played it? So the poster has no point of using the GFWL disabler wasting more than 2-3 hrs of his/her time. But hey if u pay me, I will re install the game and write a full 'how to'guide.
    I know that may sound like an ass hole but hey welcome to the real world, it's your time to shine.

  7. @kenji86 Lol, you are truly pathetic. I'm not going to waste my time arguing with you.

  8. @ shellie,
    Well may be..At least I can play my own game :D..And yah you may waste your time to type that.. How sweet.. O.o

  9. Comments are no longer open for this post!
    If you can't use it..That's your problem.. I can't waste hours trying to re-configure a game which I already beated. I have no intention of beating the same game 20 times like the guy in some previous post said. If he beated the game multiple times and crashed HD, why can't he jus beat the game again instead of coming here?
    I have beated the game and simply as the post header says it's the saves files,and that's all you get from this post.I have already told to use the the 'disabler' and; it does has different configuration to game to game... So what you people asking here is,
    When I already provided the save files..
    You just come here from Googling and start 'demanding' a complete 'hack tutorial' as well?
    We have jobs and other shit on our lives to go on! we are not 24/7 sitting in front of a PC like some korean kid (no offense)..
    So, that is not gonna happen, only people who supported us along the way can 'demand' such requests, not some people who dropped outta sky...
    If someone 'we' already kno asks for it, yes we will waste several of our own time to fix the issue, but we won't post it on net, we will do what we already did for some "PM" the instructions privately!
    The real pathetic shits are the people who come to this post, who can't beat a damn First person Shooter game and trying to be pros..People like you make Multi Player FPS genre suck nowadays..
    We never mis lead anyone to download something, the post clearly says what you need to do and even 'disbler' post says the same thing.. People who played the game does not need to use he disabler, so it is pointless to ask them to write a tutorial unless they get something in return.. And don't forget if you can't use this doesn't mean everyone out there is in-capable of using the 'disabler'..
    If u can't use "diabler" no point of Dling this.. So just GTFO and look somewhere else! Probebly there will atleast a one player listen to your cries!
    have a nice day!