Monday, February 7, 2011

Dead Space 2 : Language Changer

Supports only for multi versions! Repack/Ripped is NOT supported!

Supports Version: 1.0
Language support list : EN\DE\ES\FR\IT

I know most of you guys are pretty much noobs (no offense of coz :P) So most of you people has no idea what is the release they got. So check this image, which is located on your Dead Space 2 installation path.
X:\EA Games\Dead Space 2\movies\
In here as you may see, there are two folders (EN and DE). That means I have a Multi 2. Means I can switch to either ENG or DE with this language changer. If you don't see this folders in your movies folder. This won't work! Coz you can't switch to other languages if they don't exist. Hope you people understand it. Can't say much clearer than this! :D


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