Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dead Space 2 - Chapter 7 Play Fix

As we all know by now, there is a problem in chapter 7 with FLT's (Fairlight) work. So till a fix come by, use this save file to unlock the next chapter. So you can continue the story! This is NOT a "crack fix", this is a "play fix" don't screw them up!

How to work:
Copy the "ds_slot_02.deadspace2saved" to your save game directory. Which is at usual "My Documents". If you don't see it. Run game once, and quit it after a save. Now you will see it in documents! Or create one as in READ ME!

Till a proper release, you can use this.
Crack Fix is available here!
Completed game Save Files can be found here!


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  1. there is a working crack for the problem now you'll fined it on pirate bay

  2. Hi, Fix is already available. Yes, We have it too. I already post it.

  3. NP! :) you know, You can use the crack fix!

  4. Dear Kenji86,

    Thanks a Million. I was beating my head against the wall because of the level 7 crash. But you save has saved the day. I appreciate it. My opinion is that a game save is better than a crack as you never know where the crank came from. I was able to open your game save in notepad and read enough to see it was not harmful (I also checked it with bitdefender, and it was totally clean). If you have any game saves for Crysis (the first one) at level 3 relic, I need that also as it crashes when I enter the VTOL at the end of that level, and no way to continue the game?

  5. Hi raybdavisjr,
    Thank you for comment! :) Yes I do agree, but everything we post in here is tested by our own PC's, so if any file here is infected with something we will alert about it. :) Hope you enjoy your Dead Space 2, BTW, we do have completed game save file in here as well! ;)

    ABout Crysis 2, Im sorry we don't have save files for Crysis (1). But we do have saves for Crysis : Warhead. I don't think that would help you at all! :) But I'll try to find one! :)

  6. Thanks .... Proud to be pirate cuz I cant afford the games

  7. You are welcome legijata!
    But still, If developers refuse PC games in future, we all would be in danger! So please support them once in a while! :)

  8. hi where is saved file of dead space 2

  9. many thanks my friends you the best

  10. Hi mani,
    DS2 saves can be found here->

    Hi Randyrey11,
    You are most welcome! Enjoy your game ! :)

  11. these links are full of shit, its a scam site.

  12. What the fuck?! If you were lazy or stupid enough to not to see that there is a "SKIP ADD" in the advertisement page! And for all the people we have followers and people who comment us as yourself are scamers! Nice! I got nothing else to say to you!

    You simple an idot or retard if you can't get the link! Since there is an page just for you morons as "HELP PAGE", but don't look at that! Just shout here! Fuck off thank you very much! Hacker my ass!XD

  13. i need the save files of D.S2-chapter 7&8

  14. Hi saki,
    You made the request on wrong post! :P However never mind! File Sent! Enjoy! Thanks for following us!


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