Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sniper : Ghost Warrior - END GAME SAVE FILES

NOTE: Not all INTEL were collected, In most levels ALL of the ENEMIES HAS BEEN KILLED!! So you can go back and collect Intel. If you want to!!

3 Folders contained all missions! Use any of them as you desire! Game play on Normal Difficulty level!!

Included in seperate folders:
1 - 1st missions
2 - The missions after 1st saves
END GAME - The final TWO missions

Copy the given files to game directory! More Instructions Inside!!




  1. what will happen after i complete all of those hidden intels? kind sounds like COD.

  2. For me nothing!! :( .. I have a pirated one, perhaps that's why Im not getting anything ... All I got was some stupid mails sended by Rebel army to themselves regarding information about the guy who we out to kill!

  3. so how can u pass the mission the end is near.. i tried 1000000 times but negative.. please help me.:((

  4. Yah..The game is tough, even for easy.. there is an Invisibility cheat on this blog for this game..If you got no other choice use that..U can revert back to normal after using this..


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