Sunday, December 2, 2012

Far Cry 3 : Multiplayer & Co-op CRACK
Release Info - Steam006 / iamAWESOME / Dutch community

Read carefully, if done wrong the game will NOT work! Do understand that this may NOT work for all. Backyard will not held responsible for any problems/ failures which may occur in afterward of this cracked content. If you like the Multi player & Co-op in FAR CRY 3, we recommend BUY it!

WARNING : The following cracked content may detect as threat which is harmless to Operating Systems. No one force you to download these. You have been warned!

Install Info -

Full detailed instructions are given in READ ME!
Read it carefully!



  1. Your links are only for publicities. Impossible to find the crack file.

    1. First of all,
      We don't need publicity on our own site. Perhaps on others, yes we might.
      Secondly, I suppose you are dumb or blind to not to see our help pages or the 'skip add' button on each 3rd party link. I'm really glad people like you moving off from this site.
      'Trolls' like these often comes to this site complaining about 'where's passwords' or 'where the links?' when all those things are just given with introductions on actual post.

  2. is it true that FC3 multiplayers crack works? are you even try this crack by yourself?

    1. Yes; if doubt check 'well known vpn forums' for more information.
      But "READ" the above post as well..

  3. Replies
    1. If your not pointing out a proper feedback. What's the meaning of this?
      What should we do for comment like this, guess the faults and reasons?

  4. senha não achei?????????????

  5. Does this really work >??!! Any proff ?? but since ubisoft has releaset update 1.05 noone cant play this anymore ?!!

    1. Yes it has been worked, take the word or leave, simple as that.
      Pirated Multi Player is never forever, if you need to play MP forever buy it. Yes after later updates it will be blocked.
      Finally password is always given in the post, so read it.

  6. Replies
    1. There is no confirmation it works till this far. Uplay must have blocked it along the updates.
      Might wanna check somewhere else for it.


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